Chapter I | Introduction to eGoldAlchemists

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4 min readFeb 8, 2022

eGoldAlchemists — What we do

The NFT landscape has grown considerably over the past year, but one question has prevailed even from the start and that question is “What do I receive besides a beautiful picture?”. While in some cases you get access to exclusive groups of people or you buy a real piece of art from a renowned, most of the time there is little to no benefits from owning an NFT.

This is why we decided to set the tone on the Elrond Blockchain and create an NFT collection that brings a lot of added value to the holders while also giving back to the community.

eGoldAlchemists is a collection of 4.444 Alchemists NFTs — unique digital collectibles living on the Elrond blockchain. When you buy an eGold Alchemist, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a rare piece of art. You are gaining membership access to a fellowship whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your eGoldAlchemist can serve as your digital identity and unlock digital tools for you.

eGoldAlchemists — Team & Goals

Our mission is to create a strong community of NFT collectors and crypto enthusiasts on the Elrond Ecosystem. We plan to achieve this by giving back to our community not just passive income but also a reliable and powerful tool stack specially designed for the Elrond Ecosystem.

Being around the Elrond NFT ecosystem since its beginning, we started to study and analyze other NFT projects. In order to accomplish our mission, we have participated in numerous initial sales, discovering all the possible enhancements and all the lacking tools. We gathered a team of 6 members, from experienced developers to marketing enthusiasts, content creators, product and data people and artists.

The entirety of our experience has been put into creating a product capable of helping our community members gain more market control and understanding and of course, to increase profits.

We are very confident that, together with our community, we will be able to set a new standard in the NFT Tools landscape on Elrond Network.

The Book of the Alchemists — Secret Tools

The eGoldAlchemists Platform

The community meter Tool

This tool enables our community members to make knowledgeable decisions and better analyze the evolution of any NFT project community on the Elrond. It achieves this using data from social media APIs. Collected data will be transformed into comprehensive analytics and competitive intelligence for our community to use.

You will be able to track the progress of a Twitter or a Discord account and verify whether the growth was natural and sustainable or through fake followers. Each member will be able to find out projects in the early stage with tremendous growth potential.

Projects listed on the tool will receive a rank based primarily on socially gained traction (tags, retweets, shares, likes, comments, etc.) and the quality of the followers.

The Market Analysis Tool

Accurate and reliable data is essential when it comes to NFTs and crypto in general. Without it, actions are very difficult to take and are exposed to a great deal of risk or missing unique opportunities. The main scope of this tool is to deliver 100% real-time data, insights and analytics targeting the projects on the Elrond Network.

With the help of our platform, members will be able to explore the latest floor prices, volumes, sales history on NFT’s, grouped by marketplaces. We will implement a ranking system based on mints, utility, markets, and traits to support decision-making.

And all of this will be packaged on a user-friendly platform.

The Wallet Watcher Tool

Keep track of the value of your NFTs and receive notifications of all the changes that take place in your wallet.

The majority of people in the crypto and NFT space have multiple wallets and use multiple marketplaces. This makes it hard to keep track of the changes to your NFT portfolio and its value. In fact, currently, there is no actual way for you to get notified when something happens in your wallet and this can turn out to be very costly.

Our tool will enable you to check the value of your NFTs portfolio in real-time (calculations are made based on rarity and the market price) while also showing you the price evolution of your entire portfolio or a single NFT with the help of a price history graphic.

You will be able to activate notifications for sending/receiving EGLD/NFTs via e-mail or Discord. All you will have to do is add your public wallet key.

Find out all the details of your entire portfolio with the click of a button.

The Trader Insights Tool

Sometimes it is hard to stay up-to-date with all the market trends and news, especially when trading is not your day-to-day job. Great and reliable advice is not easy to come by and for certain it is not cheap.

This is why we will build a tool that will offer comprehensive technical, sentiment analyses and trading signals backed up by a team of professional traders. This will make life easier for people at the beginning of their trading journey.

All of these tools will be accessible to the holders of our NFT’s.



Elrond Alchemists⚡

“If you don’t unite, your Realm will never see the shine of eGold again”. 8888 drawn by hand, algorithmically generated NFTs living on Elrond Blockchain.